Mt Yufu and Tsurumi, May 2013

Summary:ascent 1399m, descent 885m, distance: 9.75km, duration: 4:22'

Took bus from Beppu to the south of Mt Yufu (Google map link). A few meters from the road is this sign with Yufu in the background. The sign describes the route: up Yufu on the left, down on the right (south), cross a road, and up the north side of Tsurumi.

Doesn't look so impressive:

The ascent is over a well maintained path through the forest with lots of Japanese groups going up (and down) quite slowly. Bit of scrambling to get to the N summit.

There is a chain but I didn't use it. Bit sweaty on the summit.

The descent on the S side is much messier and requires bits of scrambling near the summit. On the descent I only encountered one other person. Similarly, I didn't see anybody on the ascent of the north side of Tsurumi. I did see some wild animal that looked like a chubby sort of fox...

The summit of Tsurumi has lots of buildings on it while Yufu can be seen in the background.