Campsies West orienteering maps including Dumgoyne long course

The Campsies West map is based on Phase 1 LiDAR data for Scotland and OS aerial photography, contour interval 5 m, scale 1:10,000, 1km OS grid. This map has not been checked in super detail except around Dumgoyne & Dumfoyne, so perfectly fine for hill running but not quite for orienteering (yet).

I have set out an orienteering course around Dumgoyne & Dumfoyne, which is on the SOA website (Dumgoyne Long), updated map below, and on MapRunF (in the location UK / Scotland / Glasgow / Dumgoyne long). The Dumgoyne orienteering map is also 1:10,000 / 5m but with 300m grid. The start of the course is above the Glengoyne distillery at NS 5348 8282. This course is a mix of orienteering and hill running, very rough & hard going, but suitable for summer & winter. The section between control 7 & 8 is very steep and exposed and probably not everybody's cup of tea (hint: study it from Dumfoyne and go through the grass to the left of the rock band...or look at the photo below). A fall above the rock band would be very unpleasant, so this should only be undertaken by experienced hill/fell runners.

  • Campsies hill-O event with GOAT/GUOC and CLYDE on 11 March 2023 (pdf, 3.4MB)
  • Dumgoyne course orienteering map (pdf, 5/11/21, 14.6MB)
  • The sections marked with a green diagonal cross hatch on yellow indicate bracken.
  • In summer, it is possible to run this in shorts (but use DEET against ticks) as it should be possible to avoid the bracken or to find trails through them. X-talons or similar recommended especially for the scary bit up to control 8.
  • The controls were checked in person on 18/7/20 and all match up with the aerial images in Google Earth Pro. Ran it on 26/7/20 and it's all linking up OK with MapRunF beeping quickly near all controls. My time was 2 hours 6 minutes but this was with a dodgy knee and right after heavy showers producing lots of mud making the descent from Dumgoyne slow.
  • Ran again on 24/1/21 in partial snow & ice using Orocs in 2 hours 40 minutes and 8.63 km / 706 m. Course slightly adjusted and accuracy improved.
  • Campsies West map (18/8/21, 15MB) using 1km grid and OS grid references. This is a georeferenced PDF that should drop into an app such as Avenza maps. Might work with Gaia or similar too.

My route up to control 8... (although one runner approached teh rock band from the right):